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Tenant Rights

The tenant-landlord relationship often brings up questions about rights and responsibilities.

The following resources offer helps on frequently asked tenant questions, anywhere from when does a landlord have the right to enter my home to what is the eviction process and more. When dealing with your landlord, make sure you understand your rights and their responsibilities.  


Tenants' Rights and Responsibilities

A Guide to Residential Tenants' and Landlords' Rights and Responsiblities.

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Tenant Rights, Laws and Protections: California

Know your responsibilities as a tenant. Read your lease agreement carefully!

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Renters in Foreclosure: What Are Their Rights?

Federal legislation signed in May 2009 gives important rights to tenants whose landlords have lost their properties through foreclosure.

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Landlord-Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

Landlords and tenants have legal rights and responsibilities. The following information explains the law in a question answer format

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A Landlord's Right of Entry

Here are answers to frequently asked questions on a landlord's right to entry.

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HUD Assisted Tenants Rights and Responsibilities

You, as a resident (tenant), have rights and responsibilities that help make your HUD-assisted housing a better home for you and your family.

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Rent Increases

Whether your landlord can raise your rent depends on whether you have a lease or a rental agreement, and what it says. Some tenants have leases. If you have a lease, your rent cannot be increased during the term of the lease, unless the lease allows rent increases.

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