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Accessible Housing

There are many accessible housing options in San Diego.

Use the following resources to find housing options that fit your needs in a safe, affordable community in San Diego.  


Making Home Affordable

An official program of the Departments of the Treasury & Housing and Urban Development. 

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County of San Diego Housing Directory

Promoting safe, affordable housing opportunities and improved communities in the San Diego region.

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Buyer Beware! Check the San Diego County Records to see if there are any other interests on the land besides that of the seller

Actual notice consists of express information of a fact. Constructive notice means notice given by the public
records. By means of constructive notice, people are presumed to know the contents of recorded instruments.
Publicly recording instruments of transfer/conveyance or to encumber/lien the title to real property imparts
constructive notice. For example, Civil Code Section 2934 enacted in 1872 states in part.......................

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Understanding deeds and interests on land

Deeds are the legal documents that transfer ownership of real property interests from one party to another. Although deeds tend to be fairly short documents, they embody the whole purpose behind the underlying transaction (the transfer of real property), and therefore the deed is an essential component of every real estate purchase and sale transaction. Upon consummation of the real property transaction, the deed is recorded at the local county courthouse or recorder’s office where the property is physically located. In a deed, generally the party conveying the property is called the “grantor,” while the party receiving the property is called the “grantee.” Often, the grantee will want to require that the deed contain certain covenants of title, or assurances that the grantor possesses good and marketable title, with the right to convey the property free and clear from undisclosed encumbrances. Different types of deeds offer varying levels of a grantor’s covenants of title, and following is a general description of each type of deed.........

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How to record your title to the land at the San Diego County office

The County Recorder, upon payment of proper fees and taxes, will accept any document which is authorized or required by California law to be recorded, if the document contains required information and if it is photographically reproducible............

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